Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, Tohoku University


LAST UPDATE 2021/05/05

  • 研究者氏名
    Researcher Name

    髙橋幸生 Yukio TAKAHASHI
    教授 Professor
  • 所属
    Professional Affiliation

    Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, Tohoku University

    無機材料研究部門 放射光可視化情報計測研究分野
    Division of Inorganic Material Research, Synchrotron Radiation Microscopy and Informatics 
  • 研究キーワード
    Research Keywords

    Coherent X-ray Optics
    Synchrotron Radiation
    Visualization Measurement
Research Subject
Development and application of nano imaging methods using coherent X-ray

研究の背景 Background


Many practical materials are heterogeneous complex systems with hierarchical structures from nanometer to micrometer scale. It is therefore important to understand correlation between the fine structures and the function at nano-meso scale to create new functional materials. Coherent X-ray diffraction imaging is a promising method for visualizing the structures inside bulk materials at the nanoscale

研究の目標 Outcome


Our mission is the development of next-generation synchrotron radiation microscopy /spectroscopy methods using novel X-ray optics. Finally, we will create the platform to visualize the function of practical materials using informatics.

研究図Research Figure

Fig.1. (a) Isosurface rendering of reconstructed 3D Au/Ag nanobox observed from two directions. (b) Cross-sectional images of a 3D reconstruction of a Au/Ag nanobox. Fig.2. Schematic of X-ray spectro-ptychography (ptychographic XAFS). A focused coherent X-ray beam is scanned across the specimen at multiple X-ray energies. Phase and amplitude images are reconstructed from diffraction patterns by phase retrieval calculation. By analyzing the energy dependence of the reconstructed images, spatially resolved X-ray absorption spectra are derived.

文献 / Publications

Nano Lett., 10, 1922 (2010). Nano Lett., 13, 6028 (2013). Phys. Rev. Lett., 112, 053903 (2014). Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 130, 1490 (2018). Communications Chemistry, 2, 50 (2019).