Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, Tohoku University


LAST UPDATE 2023/08/01

  • 研究者氏名
    Researcher Name

    山﨑智之 Tomoyuki YAMASAKI
    助教 Assistant Professor
  • 所属
    Professional Affiliation

    Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, Tohoku University

    金属資源プロセス研究センター 原子空間制御プロセス研究分野
    Center of Mineral Processing and Metallurgy, Atomic Site Control in Inorganic Materials
  • 研究キーワード
    Research Keywords

    Proton Conductor
    Hydride Ion Conductor
    Hydrogen Storage Alloy
Research Subject
Development of novel ionic devices using hydride ion conduction in solid

研究の背景 Background


Hydrogen is the most abundant element, but it is also an extremely unique element that can behave as both a cation and an anion in materials. The development of new devices that surpass existing energy devices is indispensable to realize the recently anticipated hydrogen society. To achieve this goal, it is important to develop functional materials that take advantage of hydrogen's unique properties.

研究の目標 Outcome


Hydride ions, an anion of hydrogen, exhibit high ionic conductivity even in a dry atmosphere, which is advantageous for all-solid-state devices. My main objective is to develop novel electrochemical devices and memory devices using hydride ion conduction. To achieve these devices, I aim to develop hydrogen ion transport materials for ideal hydrogen transfer at interfaces and to provide guidelines for interface design.

研究図Research Figure

Fig.1. Schematic illustration of a bilayer structured resistive random-access memory (ReRAM) using Y oxyhydrides (YH3−2xOx) and IV characteristic curve of the ReRAM device.

Fig.2. Correlation diagram of electronic energy level and hydrogen transfer barrier at interfaces.

文献 / Publications

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2022, 14, 17, 19766–19773. J.Am.Chem. Soc. 2023, 145,560−566.