Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, Tohoku University


LAST UPDATE 2021/05/03

  • 研究者氏名
    Researcher Name

    亀岡聡 Satoshi KAMEOKA
    教授 Professor
  • 所属
    Professional Affiliation

    Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, Tohoku University

    無機材料研究部門 金属機能設計研究分野
    Division of Inorganic Material Research, Metallurgical Design for Material Functions 
  • 研究キーワード
    Research Keywords

    Catalytic materials
    Alloy catalyst
    Metal-oxide composite
Research Subject
Research and development of novel metallic materials for catalysis

研究の背景 Background


Catalysts play a central role in present industrial production and are key materials in the environment and energy related fields. Recently, replacing noble metals such as Pt and Pd in heterogeneous catalysts by low-cost substitutes has become more and more important in scientific and industrial researches, and an interdisciplinary research between catalysis and metallurgy is strongly desired. However, very few researches on catalytic materials have been performed from the view point of metallurgy so far.

研究の目標 Outcome


In this study, we have fabricated novel catalysis materials from well-defined materials such as intermetallic compounds and spinel oxides etc. These well-defined materials are promising precursors for leaching or reduction for the fabrication of selfassembled nanoarchitecture and for obtaining porous catalysis materials. Novel catalytic materials with high catalytic performance are designed from microstructural tailoring based on metallurgy

研究図Research Figure

Fig.1. (a) SEM of ordered alloy AuCu3 after leaching treatment. (b) Synchrotron XRD (λ=0.65297Å@ SPring-8), (c) Catalytic activities of CO oxidation. Fig.2. SEM of eutectic Al-Au-Fe (Al67Au19Fe14) alloy (a) before leaching and (b) after leaching with NaOH aqueous solution. Fig.3. Cross-sectional STEM images of AlCu-Fe quasicrystalline after leaching with Na2CO3(aq) followed by calcination (873 K) in air; EDS elemental maps for Al, Cu, Fe and O.

文献 / Publications

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