Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, Tohoku University


LAST UPDATE 2021/05/18

  • 研究者氏名
    Researcher Name

    奥西みさき Misaki OKUNISHI
    助教 Assistant Professor
  • 所属
    Professional Affiliation

    Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, Tohoku University

    有機・生命科学研究部門 量子ビーム構造生物化学研究分野
    Division of Organic- and Bio-materials Research, Quantum Beam-based Structural Biology and Chemistry
  • 研究キーワード
    Research Keywords

    Physical Chemistry
    Molecular spectroscopy
    Intense laser fields
    Electron and molecular dynamics
Research Subject
Electron and molecular dynamics in intense laser fields

研究の背景 Background


When molecules are exposed to intense laser fields induced by ultrashort infrared laser pulses, valence electrons are ejected by tunnel ionization. Parts of the released electrons will be driven back by the oscillating electric field into recollisions with their ion cores. Recently it is proposed that tunnel ionization and rescattering electrons can be used to monitor electron and nuclear dynamics of molecules with femtosecond temporal resolutions.

研究の目標 Outcome


We are developing the method to investigate and analyze electron and molecular dynamics such as photodissociation, photoionization, electronic relaxation, isomerization, etc., using tunnel ionization and subsequent electron rescattering induced by intense infrared intense laser pulses.

研究図Research Figure

Fig.1. Schematic views of (a) tunnel ionization and (b) electron rescattering of molecules induced by intense infrared laser pulses. Fig.2. Photoelectron angular distributions of rare gas atoms (Xe and Ar) and diatomic molecules (O2 and N2) irradiated by intense laser pulses Fig.3. Differential cross sections of elastic electron scattering from O2+ ions (a) extracted from angle-resolved rescattering electron electron spectra of O2 and (b) theoretical calculations.

文献 / Publications

J. Electron Spectrosc. Relat. Phenom. 195, 313 (2014), Phys.. Rev. A,90,023405 (2014), Chem. Phys.,430,40-46 (2014), J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 45 131001 (2012), レーザー研究, 40, 774 (2012), Phys. Rev. Lett.,106,63001(2011)