Research Institute for Electronic Science, Hokkaido University


LAST UPDATE 2017/02/25

  • 研究者氏名
    Researcher Name

    大友康平 Kohei OTOMO
    助教 Assistant Professor
  • 所属
    Professional Affiliation

    Research Institute for Electronic Science, Hokkaido University

    光細胞生理研究分野・研究支援部 ニコンイメージングセンター
    Nikon Imaging Center, Research Support Department
  • 研究キーワード
    Research Keywords

    multi-photon excitation microscopy
    super-resolution microscopy
    spectroscopy for bio-molecules
Research Subject
Development of the novel laser scanning microscopy and visualization of biological micro, nano structures

研究の背景 Background


Fluorescence microscopy is widely used in medical or biological research. Several techniques for visualizing biological events have been developed to meet biological researchers’ expectations. The Nikon Imaging Center at Hokkaido University (NIC@HU) is a facility for novel biological microscopy available to researchers both in Hokkaido University and throughout Japan in 2005. The main activities of the NIC@HU are providing the latest microscopy for basic and advanced biological research and development of new microscopy in response to feedback and ideas from users of NIC@HU.

研究の目標 Outcome


For understanding biological events, the spatial resolution, temporal resolution, field of view, penetration depth and photo-toxicity are equally significant. On the other hand, functions of targets can be extracted by utilizing novel fluorophores, so that fluorescence bioimaging method is not only used to visualize the localization and the morphology of targets, recently. Based on these, we have tried to develop new systems combining some technologies of microscopy and spectroscopy to increase visualizable bio-logical structures.

研究図Research Figure

Fig.1. Nikon imaging center at Hokkaido University. Fig.2. Improvement of spatial resolution of two-photon microscopy by utilizing stimulated emission depletion (STED) process. Fig.3. Enlargement of the field of view of multi-point scanning two-photon microscopy by utilizing a high-peak-power 1042-nm laser

文献 / Publications

Plant Morphol. (2015) in press. Microscopy (2015) in press. Anal. Sci. 31, 307 (2015). O plus E 37, 283 (2015). Microscopy 64, 9 (2015). Opt. Express 22 28215 (2014). Plant Morphol. 26, 31 (2014).